Sunday, July 27, 2014

Igloo Tours 2 - More Exploring!

I thought it'd be fun to explore around igloos on the server Blizzard again. I found some of the same penguins, and a few had again created some amazing igloos! Let's take a look.

First off, I visited Toureg1's igloo:
They had created a huge mermaid kingdom - Fit with underwater treasure to find and a throne for the king. I love the effort that was put into this. The boardwalks used as flooring are very effective, and you can almost believe this is actually underwater. Watch out, though; any underwater thief could be after those riches!

 Next, I again went into Crazy Temple's igloo, excited for his new themed igloo:
Christmas in July! I remember seeing tons of these last summer, this is the first one I've seen this year. I love the disco area and the piles upon piles of trees stacked together. I really quite like how holiday items from throughout the years have been implemented, it's almost like a timeline of Club Penguin Christmases. 

Lastly, I visited MaxSwell's igloo:
Inside, a UFO had crashed, oh no! Although very simple, the dirt flooring and hedges make it look like a real survival adventure, since there's no water or supplies in view. I like the way the little tent was done - Looks nice and cozy inside, although... how can you relax when a UFO has crash landed nearby?!

Thanks for putting your igloos up on the map so others could have a look around!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Igloo Tours 1 - Inspiration!

Today I had some free time on my hands, so I decided it'd be fun to visit some igloos on the server Blizzard. I find it strange that Abominable used to be the place for igloos, pookies, preps, etc., although most of that action has moved onto here. Or maybe I'm just missing something!

To start off, I visited Nathan87827's Igloo:
To my surpise, it was a medieval wonderland! I personally love medieval themed igloos, and I used to really enjoy playing as an outlaw in kingdoms. He's really used all of the space up - There's the castle, gardens, a forest, and an evil lair. The city backdrops help set a sunset mood over the entire place.  I'm sure the penguins playing in it, as well as the others who had given him 81k+ likes, would agree it was rather amazing!

The second igloo I visited was Crazy Temple's:
I was astounded by the fact that he had 104k+ likes, and upon entering, I could see why. You could have a true camping adventure in this forest! He has a neat little tent set up in the vast jungle he created. Looks like someone may have crash landed in their spaceship... who knows! I love the detail packed into it, such as the furniture in the tend and all of the green foliage. One of my favorite igloos so far!

Lastly, I visited Clumpy1's igloo:
I loved the calm feeling of this igloo! There's lots of space to relax, grab a snack, and catch up with friends. My eye is always attracted to rare furniture, so I suppose that's a bonus. I love how the reeds were used in the background, and how flowers were used as detail.I particularly like how the pizza ovens were used as walls - the brick look is nice!

I found these igloos really inspiring, and I hope to implement some of their styles into my igloos!
Thanks for opening up your igloos on the map and allowing others to enjoy their beauty! :)

MP3000 & Urban Diva Outfit - Music Jam 2014

Hey there! Today, the last set of items was released for this year's Music Jam. Click on the Music Jam icon on the upper right corner, and everyone can get the MP3000, while members can also get the Urban Diva Outfit.
Hope you have fun during these last few days of the Music Jam!