Happy Anniversary to our awesome Club Penguin! 8 years of pure amazing! ;D

Happy Anniversary Club Penguin!

It doesn't look like I've returned fully... school and other fun apparently have a higher priority than this (not in my mind!) ... but that won't stop me from writing a few short lines ever so often though!

I popped onto Club Penguin today- completely forgot about the anniversary! My timing was just amazing.

Happy Anniversary our amazing Club Penguin! This game is far beyond the others, there's just so much imagination and creativity flowing here. Who honestly cares if you're a kid? I wish I could be a kid forever. You can pretend, dress up, and just hang about and not feel like a toddler. It's so much fun. :) It has a major place in my heart. Even if I can't log on, I think about all the memories I've had throughout. They make dark days much brighter!

It's so fun to see how almost nothing has changed... I mean, there's loads of advancements in the rooms and what not, but everyone's hearts are still there. There's still pookies in the pet shop, preps at the stadium, still the ever popular colleges. :P I love this game so much... I hardly play, but I'm glad I'm still paying for a membership. If they can take that money and make things even greater, that'd just be awesome. I don't agree with all of the changes, some of them are lost memories to me... but they haven't changed the personalities of anyone. I absolutely love it. 

Grab that anniversary hat, and party out with some friends! I'm just here to leave a quick message, though I'm going to squeeze some CP into my schedule.
So long, though you'll be hearing from me soon,

It's time...for a new beginning!

Maybe I've overstayed my welcome on this game, and on this site. Maybe I've stood too long promising a return. Maybe I can't write anything powerful, and this is all a cheesy mush with extra whiz. But maybe, just maybe, I can start fresh, and feel the excitement all over again. 

Whenever I see Club Penguin, I get such a rush of energy, the music, the safe feel, and the overall joy I've had over. And the uniqueness I've always felt as a Club Penguin player. I've always done my best to be different, but of course the stale generic-ness seeps in, but that's expected. I'll admit I've spent my last few months on Minecraft, the best game ever. But Club Penguin doesn't sit next to that, it's an entire new awesome reigning supreme in any game I've ever played. Hey, my character on that game is based off of Pookie. :) Because I'm still her, and being a red-haired crazy person is written all over me.

Maybe I have really overstayed my welcome on this site, almost 4 years now. In the scheme of things, that's a really long time. I don't feel like I should give it up though, leaving it suddenly doesn't feel right. I may ease out eventually when the time feels right, but while my heart still holds on, I'll be online. 

No matter how CP evolves, how much amazing staff they loose, and what the "modernization" brings, I stand by them and their choices forever, even if it's not fun in the moment. 

I don't know if others have forgotten, but the fire still burns for me forever. :) I know I won't play Club Penguin forever, but I know that it'll always have a space in my heart. 

Anywho, this is a message to state that I haven't quit! After months of leaving this place idle, it's time to bring it to life. I can't promise weekly updates or updates on time. But I enjoy photo shopping and writing about things, so I'm here to give it a shot once more. Club Penguin's the best place to do that kind of thing. :)

Thank you so much for the last comments on my post, it helped me get back to thinking of starting anew. And thank you for reading this if you came this far, you're helping me as well! I don't expect comments, but a reader or so every few days would make everything feel that much more complete. 

I still feel I've got something to contribute, and leave my mark here. It doesn't matter if this isn't up to perfection, a post ever once and a while is enough to make me happy.

Thank you, and lost in CP forever,

Hollywood Party Coming Soon...and more. :)

Ugh, I wish I had the time to keep this blog spic and span, up to date and perfect...I love blogging so much, but I never have time during the week. It doesn't matter if anyone really reads, I just feel good knowing that maybe one day someone's going to stumble along here, and hopefully find something to be inspired by...

Anywho! The Hollywood Party on the lovely Club Penguin is coming up on February 14th! It looks absolutely awesome. I ain't gonna post any exact posts, but here's one awesome sneak peak image: 

A quick rundown of what I've missed:
• Hollywood Party Sneak Peaks! (Check the CP Blog for a lot of these :D)
•Card-Jitsu Villians Scrap, ...
• Soon to be able to try out the beta version of Card-Jitu SNOW!
• The Party Starts Now ALBUM coming this month...
• Three New Catalogs: Furniture, Better Igloos, Penguins Style
• New Pin: Shooting Star
(I may post some bits...we'll see ;] )

Moving on: I think I've said this a good thousand times, I'm going to be writing some CP stories! I've always been writing bits and pieces, random bits here and there...and now I really want to put some of my ideas to the test! Again, as I keep saying this, I can not promise any such release dates or the fact that I can't even promise any outcome at all. But It's really been something I've been wanting to do...so here I go!

Also, maybe some videos coming...? I've made a few, but I've never been truly happy with any. 

Sooo...Penguin and Party on mah friends! Have a great weekend!