Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(?) Guitar & Here Comes Trebble - Music Jam 2014

Hey, the items for the 24th of July have arrived! Be sure to grab today's prizes. There's a (?) for everyone, and a Here Comes Trebble outfit for members.


Cadence and Penguin Band at Music Jam - More Meetup Times - CP Blog

Today, Megg notified us that we have more opportunities to meet up with Cadence and the PB!
Be sure to take note of them, if you haven't met them yet!
Hope everyone is enjoying hanging out with Cadence and the Penguin Band!

We've received lots of feedback about posting the meet-up times. To help make it so Mascots are a bit more of a challenge to find, I've left out a few of the meet-up times. Muahaha! :D 
Here are some of the meet-up times:  
Thursday, July 24
* 3:15pm on the server Chinook (Penguin Band Only) 
Friday, July 25 
* 8:30am on the server Jack Frost (Penguin Band Only) 
Saturday, July 26 
* 8:30am on the server Cloudy (Penguin Band Only)
 * 3:00pm on the server Northern Lights (Penguin Band and Cadence) 
Sunday, July 27 
* 3:00pm on the server White Out (Penguin Band and Cadence) 
Tuesday, July 29
* 11:00am on the server Chinook (Penguin Band and Cadence)
Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don't remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)

Happy tracking!
-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Times - Issue #457

Issue #457 of the Club Penguin Times has been released! Be sure to read into it - There's an article from Franky, giving us tips all about songwriting and how to apply it in SoundStudio! There's also an interview from Zendaya, who lets us in on what it's like to perform and more about herself as a very talented celebrity.
We've got a list of events to come:
Jul. 25 Zendaya will be performing at the stage, with her song "Replay"
Jul. 27 The Music Cruise will be leaving! Be sure to catch all of the performances before then!
Aug. 7 The new Penguin Style will be released... "Pretty cold for the summer" themed...

On the second page, Cole Plante shares all about his music career, and how he enjoys making remixes!
There's also some pretty corny -- but nonetheless funny jokes on the sidebar! 

Be sure to read the newspaper for yourself for the full details!